Is there a limit to how many products I can enter?

You can enter as many products as you wish providing each meets the criteria mentioned above. All entry fees must be paid in advance and for anyone entering 5 or more there is a reduced fee.

Who are the judges?

The Dads Choice Awards will be judged by Dads with children in your relevant category and age group. In addition the Dads Choice Awards team will also evaluate your toy. An evaluation report will be sent to you electronically. The combined feedback from all these sources will form the determination of which toys are deserving of one of our awards.

What are the awards?

In each category there will be one overall winner, one highly commended and one commended.

What categories can I enter in?

There are several categories available and providing your product or toy fits the description you can enter. If you feel there is a category missing then please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

How do you pick the winners?

All our testers will be working to a strict evaluation form which combines several elements including; suitability for age group, fun, value for money, playability, quality and longevity.

What if my product is delayed?

If you think your samples will not be ready by the required deadline then please get in touch with us immediately and we will do our best!

Do I get feedback?

All products entered will receive an evaluation report which will be a collation of the testers and judges feedback on the product entered. You are not able to speak to the testers directly.

Can I use the Winner Logos?

If you are lucky enough to be a winner we are happy for you to use the Dads Choice Award logo in any press materials, packaging and other promotional materials.

What can I enter for the Dads Choice Awards?

To be eligible for entry your product must fulfill one of the Category sections and be suitable for the appropriate age range you have select. All products entered must be on sale in the UK between January 1st 2020 and December 31st 2020.

When do I have to enter?

You can register your interest now in the Dads Choice Awards 2020. The final deadline for entries to the Dads Choice Awards 2020 is Friday 25th September 2020.

When do you announce the winners?

We will announce the winners on 16th November 2020. You will be notified in advance if successful and provided with your Winner logos.