Dad’s Choice Apps For Kids

Dad’s Choice Apps For Kids


Virry is the breakthrough educational app that keeps wild animals very real for children, today won the People’s Choice Webby award in the mobile sites & apps category of “Family & Kids”. Virry is the first app that offers children, and animal-loving adults, the opportunity to seemingly interact with exotic animals through their iPad.

Virry is filmed at Al Ain Zoo in the UAE (with more partnerships to come over time) and is brought to life by an international team of academics, award-winning film industry veterans, wildlife experts as well technology specialists. The result is an exceptionally deep educational technology experience guided by nature.
You can learn more at

Virry is now available for free download to iPad in the iTunes Store.

Crazy Gears

– Recommended by Lucy Gill Fundamentally Children

Crazy Gears focuses on communicating a range of science concepts surrounding mechanics such as relating to gears, pulleys, chains and more. Crazy Gears focuses on helping children to understand how the various components work providing a grounding in the science concepts without focusing on what they are used to build. The colours and designs included are gender neutral and appealing and each level is fun and engaging for boys and girls ages 4-9.

Price £1.99 on the App Store

Musical Mayhem

Musical Mayhem is an interactive appbook, Boj’s buddies are all practicing the Cloppity Concerto to play at the Giggly Gig in the Park. But when Denzil breaks his guitar, Boj shows him that with a bit of improvisation he can play at the concert with a homemade instrument! Narrated by Jason Donovan, these books come alive through multiple interactions, games and even a sing-a-long section at the end so the whole family can join in.This App has been awarded 5 stars by theEducational App Store.

Age group: Pre School
Cost: £1.49
Where to download:

World of Warriors

World of Warriors is a fantastic game currently available on Apple and Andriod which follows an ever-expanding array of the greatest warriors in history, from Ninjas and Aztecs to Knights and Vikings. The game combines heart-pounding fights with strategic planning and has a great education aspect teaching kids about the historical characters in play.

Children will need to think creatively, hypothesise, strategise, manage resources, collaborate with friends, and nurture a wide variety of other skills that could extend positively into their everyday lives.

The game is designed for 7-12 year olds, and has had over 5.5 million downloads.

More can be found about World of Warriors on their website: