Dads Survival Guide – Toddler Tantrums

Anyone with small children knows that Toddler Tantrums can reduce you to a wreck in seconds if you are not prepared. So Dads Choice has teamed up with some specialists to give you some handy hints on how to prepare, deal with and survive those inevitable Toddler Tantrums!



Dr Amanda Gummer, Child Psychology Specialist, Fundamentally Children

Prevention is better than cure and distraction is a good tactic (toddlers have very short attention span) if you get in early enough. When the tantrum is in full swing, as long as it’s safe to do so, it’s best to leave the toddler to it. A true tantrum is a loss of control and there’s not much point in trying to try to intervene and an attention-seeking temper tantrum needs ignoring, otherwise you risk reinforcing the behaviour.

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Katy Hayden, Tinies Childcare Expert

DO NOT lose your self-control. You must stay calm through the whole process and use a firm tone in your voice but NOT shouting. It is your child’s loss of self-control that has resulted in him being put in a ‘time-out’ and if he sees you losing control it just undermines everything you are trying to teach him. Tinies offer Nationwide Childcare Solutions for busy parents.