Commended, 2017

To be a Commended Winner, entries had to be considered a toy they would buy themselves or for friends and family.

John Adams - Chocolate Sprinkle Stix

Chocolate Sprinkle Stix is the fun, easy way to make delicious bite size treats with your little ones. It’s so simple to make something yummy and visually appealing, plus you don’t need to be a whizz in the kitchen. All you need to do is melt your chocolate, Insert the breadstick into the chocolate melter and then put it in the Sprinkle blast! You’ll have yummy treats that look and taste great. You can leave your Chocolate Sprinkles to set in the stand or eat them straight away! Use with your favourite chocolate or chocolate spread. Dishwasher safe too.

Argos, Amazon, Tesco, Smyths or Very — SRP £21.99
Zinc Flyte - Midi Flyte

Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter? Well, yes actually, it’s both of them... Introducing the Flyte case scooter! Your little one can pack it with their essentials and scoot away! The successful Flyte formula combines the fun of a rock ‘n’ roll scooter with the functionality of a cabin sized case made from squishy PU. The cases feature high-quality character designs and the scooter is of a high specification. We’ve turned a classic piece of luggage into something that’s fun *and* practical - perfect for holidays, days outs or simply for use around the home.

Zincflyte Or select retailers including Argos, or Toys'r'Us — SRP £69.99
Golden Bear - My First JCB Muddy Digger Water Squirters

My First JCB Muddy Digger Water Squirters (RRP TBC) are available also available in three fun characters - Joey the JCB Digger, Doug the JCB Dumptruck and Marty the JCB Cement Mixer. Each character has cool mud splats that magically vanish in warm water - and returns later. Plus each character squirts water making bath time extra fun!

Amazon — SRP £9.99
PlayMonster - The Game of THINGS

The Game of THINGS is the party game for anyone and everyone aged 14+, THINGS… packs a punch in the hilarity stakes, promising giggles galore as players try to guess who said what. In each round, players write a response to a topic, which can cover anything and everything like “THINGS… you wouldn’t want to find in your sandwich”, “THINGS… you would like to say to the Prime Minister” or “THINGS… you would like as your last words”. There are no right or wrong answers, just lots of laughs, so you can be as outrageous as you like! The true object of the game is laughter but if you’ve the overwhelming need to be a winner you can score points and eliminate each other by matching players to their responses. The Game of THINGS… is for many players (minimum 4) aged 14+ .

Amazon — SRP £32.99
Asmodee - Rory's Story Cubes

Rory's Story Cubes is the pocket-sized story generator that creates connections and unique moments between people young and old alike. Roll the dice, look at the images and create limitless stories with millions of combinations. Housed in a compact magnetic box, the cubes encourage imagination and creativity, develop social confidence and enhance language development skills.

John Lewis, Amazon, Kidstuff, or Toy Barnhaus — SRP £9.99
ZURU Toys -Robo Alive Robotic Lizard

Are you game to tame the ROBO ALIVE Robotic Lizard? Robotic technology allows it to scurry at speed outrunning even the fastest of predators - can you catch him? Check out its REAL-LIFE glaring eyes, soft rubber tail and head, plus an ultra-cool head-tilt sensor meaning it stops and searches for prey when you tilt its neck.

The Entertainer, Argos, Smyths, B&M, or Toys'r'Us — SRP £15.00