Highly Commended, 2020

To be a Highly Commended Winner, entries had to be impressive in nearly every criteria.

Tonies and Toniebox

Tonies and Tonieboxes provide big adventures for little ears by playing children’s favourite audio anytime, anywhere. It has never been easier, or more fun, for children to listen to their favourite audio than with this portable, child-friendly speaker. Designed for small hands, the adventure starts once a Tonie figure is placed on top of the Toniebox. The audio stops when the Tonie is taken off. But don’t worry, when you replace the Tonie it will remember where you left off. The clever box of audio fun provides hours of entertainment, offering little ones the chance to listen to the many classics available in the range like The Gruffalo, The Little Prince, The Snowman, The Lion King or The Jungle Book to name a few. Other options are musical Tonies, such as lullabies or playtime songs. Or, you can combine audio fun with educational content which guides children through the world of horses, dinosaurs and more, with Tonies that provide a new method for learning in an engaging way. Parents can even record and create their own parent-approved content via the free Tonie-App, and play this back to their kids using special versions of the Tonies called Creative-Tonies. This gives parents limitless possibilities for interactive play, brings excitement to children and immerses the whole family in their favourite stories and songs. Tonieboxes are impeccably designed, with soft, rounded edges which are highly suitable for children. They are colourful and durable and they can be started incredibly easily, simply by placing a Tonie on the box. In addition, there is no screen or complicated control system, as all functions are operated through tapping and placing figures on/off the box. To adjust the volume, or skip a track, children can simply pull the ears on the Toniebox backwards and forwards. The Toniebox launched in the UK in the last year following huge success in Germany. The inventor is Patric Faßbender, a father from Düsseldorf, who could not bear his daughters’ scratched CDs anymore. He was looking for alternatives - that did not exist. Together with Marcus Stahl, he developed this clever system with a completely novel approach, to tell stories for both children and parents.

Selected toy retailers, bookshops and via the tonies website. — SRP Tonies starter set RRP: £69.95 (includes Toniebox and a Creative Tonie) Tonies RRP: £14.99 each, Creative Tonies: RRP £11.99 each

TIG-TAG® is an exciting new outdoor game designed to get the whole family up and playing together. TIG-TAG is a super-lightweight and soft to the touch flying toy, designed to be thrown at your opponents. The aim of the game is to throw your TIG-TAG and hit your friends or family, whoever it touches, is then ‘it’! Dodge, jump or run to avoid being ‘it’, is the aim of the game. Tig-Tag removes the physical pushing or hitting of others to make them 'It', kids of all ages can simply throw the lightweight TIG-TAG. This means fewer accidents, while bigger children no longer have such an advantage., making the game inclusive for all age groups to play together, Children as young as 3 get a real ‘shot’ at joining in with the family fun

tig-tag.co.uk — SRP £10.00
Boom City Racers

Moose Toys has launched Boom City Racers, a collection of rip cord–powered race cars that are bursting with fun! Boom City Racers bring Moose Toys into the vehicle category for the first time. The kid-powered car collection is a vibrant, collectible range of race cars that tear out of firework-themed packaging with the pull of a rip cord. Create the ultimate BOOM and watch as the cars explode apart on impact with a wall, a solid object or another Boom City Racers car! The pieces can then be reassembled for repeat play and nonstop racing (and crashing) fun. With playsets that allow kids to launch vehicles and collide in mid-air, the collection encourages players to #RipRaceExplode their Boom City Racers and compete for the ultimate BOOM! There are 24 cars to collect and race across the range, including the limited edition ‘Cop That’ car with lights and sounds! Rip the cord to reveal which explosive car you have found!

Boom City Racers are available from the following retailers: • Boom City Racers - Single Pack o Available from The Entertainer, Sainsburys and Smyths. RRP £5.99. — SRP From £5.99
Chunkies Police Tow Truck

Whether removing a vehicle or assisting a fellow officer, this UK Police Tow Truck is here to help! The towing arm will work with a variety of vehicles including the entire Chunkies range. Made with die-cast metal and plastic, it is sturdy enough for indoor and outdoor play. An ideal gift for any time of the year and supplied in a secure box.

corgi.co.uk Amazon UK Ebay — SRP £7.99
The Flying Scotsman Analogue Train Set

The most famous locomotive and train in the World features in this superb Hornby train set. The striking apple green liveried class A1 “Flying Scotsman” helps to recreate those wonderful days of train travel in the 1930s when the two great railway rivals, LNER and the LMS vied for the lucrative passenger traffic between London and Scotland.

www.hornby.com — SRP £159.99
HUE Animation Studio

HUE Animation Studio contains everything that a budding animator needs to learn to create stop motion animation movies using modelling clay, LEGO®, 2D drawings, toys and even everyday objects. The kit includes a colourful and flexible HUE HD camera, Animation software and the Book of Animation making it great value for money and providing many hours of fun. Children can edit images, record their own voice, import sound and even add text and special effects. The easy-to-use software has been specifically designed for educational use for children aged 7-13 where they work together using the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

https://huehd.com/shop/hue-animation-studio/ — SRP £49.95
Tobi Robot Smartwatch

The new Tobi Robot Smartwatch combines all the interactive features of a smartwatch with a playful robot that's packed with personality. Tobi Robot Smartwatch Comes to Life Before Your Eyes with its moving robot arms and legs, fun sound effects, and 100+ expressions that will keep kids giggling, dancing, playing, learning and more! It's got two cameras for taking selfies and videos (plus room for 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video) and kids can customise their photos with silly stickers too. Tobi Robot Smartwatch features fun, interactive dancing, learning, and augmented reality games, and kids can unlock rewards as they play. Kids are encouraged to get moving while they play with the dance activity game and built-in pedometer. They can also learn to tell time on the 50+ analog and digital watch faces. Tobi Robot Smartwatch is a fun wearable tech accessory that kids can wear on their wrist using the adjustable watch band or attached to their clothes using the clip. The clip also converts to a display stand when using as an alarm clock or recharging. Parents love that they can set reminders for their kids, control pairing with nearby Tobi Robot Smartwatch devices, and rely on the durable, splashproof design. Check out the future of kids’ smartwatches with the Tobi Robot Smartwatch! It’s Tobi Time!

littletikes.co.uk Smyths Amazon Argos The Entertainer — SRP £49.99
Challenge Robotics Kit

The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit has over 530 pieces including: 1 brain, 2 ultrasonic sensor, 1 built-in gyro, 1 built-in accelerometer, 12 fully programmable LEDs, 1 bumper switch, 1 built-in speaker, 5 powerful 6v motors, 6 wheels, rechargeable batteries & charger. Purchasing this kit also give you access to our revolutionary mobile app filled with challenges and tutorials for students. At Revolution Robotics we believe that robotics is THE best way to inspire a new generation of real-world problem solvers armed with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and critical life skills they’ll need to thrive in the 21st century. This is more than just a robotics kit, it is a gateway to a brighter future!

www.revolutionrobotics.org — SRP $249
Drone Home

Drone Home is the first ever game to feature a real drone! Enjoy this fast-paced kids’ action game where there is a race to save your aliens and get them to safety. The race is on to launch each of your aliens down the ramp and into the drone. Once an alien is inside the drone, it will lift off and the alien can flee to safety. But watch out! Whilst you are waiting for the drone to lift off, other players can sabotage your mission by knocking your alien out with their own! The goal is to be the first to get all your aliens safely home. For 2-4 players. Suitable for ages 6+. https://interplayuk.com/collections/interplay-games/products/drone-home

Smyths, Tesco, Argos, Amazon and leading toy retailers — SRP 19.99
Osmo Coding Kit

Osmo is an ed-tech tool which enables kids to think and play in the real-world, using tangible pieces to create a unique, hands-on learning experience. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, the range of Starter Kits let children see creations they build come to life on a tablet screen, combining physical play with the digital world. The wide range of games available further provide the tools for children to develop skills in everything from English, Maths, Coding, and Art. New for 2020, the Coding Starter Kit makes coding accessible to kids and parents, with hands-on games that are educational and engaging. Transforming a tablet into a hands-on coding adventure, kids can connect colourful blocks of code in the physical world to chart their adventure on the screen. The kit includes three games in one; Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo, enabling children to build coding skills block by block.

Preferred retailer: Amazon.co.uk — SRP £99.99
Crazy Cart Shift

Drifting fun for everyone! An update on the timeless Crazy Cart, the Crazy Cart Shift is built for children aged 6+. Glide, drift and spin with a turn of the wheel with this Toy of the Year finalist. With safety as a priority, the Shift includes a parental speed control switch with two settings, high (8 mph) and low (2.5 mph), giving parents complete peace of mind.

Smyths, very.co.uk, JD Williams, The Range, studio.co.uk, Argos and Amazon — SRP 279.99